Party Ideas


Makeup Party – two hours of fun with your friends learning about skin care and makeup application.  Ages 12 and up.  Bring your own refreshments.

2 – 3 guests                             $40/pp

4 – 7 guests                             $30/pp

8 – 12 guests                           $15/pp


Eyelash Party – Blink your way to fame and fortune with our individual or strip false eyelashes.

2 – 4 guests                            $30/pp                                  $60/pp includes makeover

5 or more                               $25/pp                                   $50/pp  includes makeover


Birthday Party –  90 minutes in our studio learning about skin care, with a mini makeover.  Ages 6 – 12.  8 guest maximum.  Bring your own refreshments, we provide table and chairs.

$15/pp includes mini – makeover

Skin Care

Facial Party – two hours in our Spa Room, includes Brow Shaping, Facial, and Makeover.  Champagne served.

2 – 4 guests                              $60/pp


NuFace Party – have a party while getting an instant and pain-free facelift.  Allow 20 minutes per guest, minimum 2.

$25/pp in our Spa Room                            $35/pp on location


Facial Mask Party – Experience a hydrating or exfoliating mask in a party atmosphere.

2 – 4 guests                              $25/ppin our spa room                           $35/pp on location

5 or more                                 $15/pp in our spa room                          $25/pp on location


Spray Tan Party – Look and feel like you’ve been on vacation with all of your friends with our organic airbrush spray tan.  Allow 30 minutes per guest, champagne served.

3 – 4 guests                            $30/pp in our spa room                          $60/pp on location

5 – 9 guests                            $25/pp in our spa room                          $55/pp on location

10 or more                             $20/pp in our spa room                          $50/pp on location

Make Your Own Party

Tell us what kind of party you would like to have and we will provide the fun . . . . . pricing to be determined.

Party Rules

Your party is confirmed with receipt of 50% deposit at the time of booking, with a minimum attendance number guaranteed.

Balance of fees are charged one day before the event.  Additional attendees pay at the door, individually or by hostess.